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With Dialpad Contact Centre, you’ll have the power to deliver superior, smarter customer service from anywhere. Advanced AI-coaching, analytics, and CRM integrations are just some of the many benefits of this platform. With this impressive cloud contact centre solution, your agents will be empowered to provide unbeatable inbound customer support. Customers will have positive interactions that lead to positive outcomes as they are connected to the right rep with the right answers.

With state-of-the-art omni-channel interactions, customers can skip the repetition with easily accessible history of previous interactions available to all agents. On top of this, Dialpad Contact Centre leverages AI-powered Voice Intelligence. This allows for simultaneous processes that serve to greatly enhance the overall experience for agents and customers alike. And with powerful tracking of analytics, your agents will always have the information they need with just the click of a button.


    Dialpad Contact Centre as a platform has a lot to offer despite being relatively new in the world of CCaaS. As a company born in the cloud, Dialpad Contact Centre offers many great benefits to those that adopt the platform. These highlights can be found below and include benefits such customer insights, real-time assistance, and smarter customer service.

    New player
    in CCaaS

    Born in
    the cloud

    Voice Intelligence technology
    as standard

    Built on
    Google Cloud Infrastructure

    Native to
    Google Chrome

    UK domestic calling

    Gartner Quadrant
    UCaaS Niche player

    99.99 SLA

    App Gallery

    Popular Integrations

    If you’re looking for full integration with some of the most popular software providers available, then you must look over the details then deciding on Dialpad as a supplier. Take a look below to see some of the many apps on offer that will significantly enhance your Dialpad Contact Centre experience and improve productivity.

    Advanced Features

    Dialpad Contact Centre remains a popular platform because of the many advanced features and modules it makes accessible to users. Live call transcriptions and performance management are just two features that are available in-house, whereas others are handled by a third party. You can identify all these features yourself by taking a look at the table we’ve compiled below.

    3rd Party
    Sold Separately
    WorkForce Managment
    WorkForce Optimisation
    Quality Monitoring
    Omni Channel
    WorkForce Managment
    WorkForce Optimisation
    Quality Monitoring
    Omni Channel
    3rd Party
    Sold Separately

    Key Videos

    Below are some of Dialpad key videos, giving you a helpful overview of the platforms features and capabilities. Please click on the expandable sections below to find out more.

    Unified Communications
    Dialpad Talk
    Modern Business Phone System with Robust Features and Integrations | Dialpad
    Work from Anywhere with Dialpad's Cloud Business Phone System
    DialPad MS Teams Direct Routing Demo
    DialPad Companion Mode Demo
    Contact Centre
    Dialpad Contact Center - A Cloud-Based Call Center Solution with AI
    Voice Intelligence for Live Coaching: Improve Call Center Efficiency
    Dialpad Contact Center -- Empower Your Support Agents
    Testimonials & Case Studies
    Acquia Empowers Sales and Support with Dialpad
    Betterment Kills the Desk Phone with Dialpad
    Betts Recruiting Delivers Anywhere Service with Dialpad
    Code42 Completes its Anywhere Worker IT Stack with Dialpad
    Crunchbase Kills the Desk Phone with Dialpad
    Quora Kills the Desk Phone in 24 Hours with Dialpad

    Case Studies

    If you want further information on how Dialpad operate, take a look through the company’s latest case studies. This feedback provides various insights into what projects Dialpad have worked on, which clients they’ve worked with, and what obstacles they’ve overcome along the way. 

    Key Downloads

    For all the key Dialpad Contact Centre downloads, see below. Here you’ll find download links for the platform itself as well as any associated documents, resources, or tools designed to facilitate your user experience.

    Upcoming Events

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    Key Locations

    If you wish to locate your nearest primary DC or support centre location, take a look at the interactive map above. Simply click on any of the pins for more details. 

    Primary DC Support Centre





    New Jersey


    San Jose







    South Africa

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong





    Sao Paulo


    San Francisco,


    Raleigh (NC)




    Platform Accolades

    If you’re someone who rates a platform by its accolades, you’ll be pleased to hear that Dialpad Contact Centre definitely delivers in this regard. You can see just what sort of accolades Dialpad have earned or been considered for simply by glancing downwards.

    Cloud 100 2019
    Leader 2020 G2 Fall
    VoIP Momentum Report

    Independent Industry Analysts

    Gartner CCaaS 2021

    Forrester Wave CCaaS 2019

    Frost Radar CCaaS 2020

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