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Here at UCAdvisor

we believe it is our duty to be open and honest with all clients, as transparency is an asset we value above all else. This is the reason for which we’re happy to explain our process and provide details on how we operate. Organisations and IT Teams are able to approach us at any point in their procurement cycle to enjoy the benefits of our funding and shortlisting programme.

How do you make your money?

We make our money by receiving a recurring payment from the successful vendor. The amount is directly related to each individual contract.

Where does the funding come from?

Funding is made available through the UK channel partnership programme set up with each vendor.

Would we get cheaper pricing if we went direct?

No, the UK channel model is built around price parity, so pricing remains the same either way. You still negotiate directly with your chosen vendor across all costs.

How much funding will we receive?

Exact funding amounts vary from project to project; however, we can let you know approximate numbers once we understand the scope and nature of your requirements.

What can the funding be used for?

Anything, previous clients have used it to reduce costs, build out tech funds and even exit contracts early.

Do you ask for anything in return?

We like to request a joint case study once the project has been successfully signed off; however this isn’t mandatory.

Do you charge anything to speak to your consultants?

No – access to our technology specialists and consultants is completely free of charge.

How do we receive the funding?

We deliver via BACS transfer or liaise directly with vendors on your behalf.

When do we receive the funding?

Funding is typically delivered 60 days from contract signature.

Does the funding cover all digital change projects?

We can provide funding for most digital change projects, however if you are looking at something more niche it may be worth dropping us a message to see if we can help.

Do we have to sign anything with you?

No – you sign nothing with us and still contract directly with your chosen vendor.

Can you work within RFP/RFI guidelines?

Yes – simply tell us which vendors you would like to invite to bid and we do the rest.

Can you work within UK GOV frameworks?

Yes – providing at least one of our vendors has access to the necessary framework.

Can we just use you for the funding?


Which vendors do you work with?

We work with the leading global vendors across multiple technologies and are constantly expanding our partnerships.

Is this really all free?

Yes, we are completely free to use.

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