The Evolution of Masergy: Solutions for Business Transformation

The Evolution of Masergy: Solutions for Business Transformation

The evolution of the modern world, driven by the rise of new trends and innovations, has forced businesses from every industry to rethink their technology stack. Today’s companies need to invest not just in the latest solutions for communication and collaboration, but also upgrade their networks and connectivity standards to ensure continued productivity and efficiency.

Companies like Masergy, or “Masergy Communications”, are partnering with business leaders on these transformational journeys, offering access to intelligent software-defined networking services, as well as powerful UCaaS, CCaaS, and security solutions.

Now part of the Comcast Business group, Masergy strives to prepare businesses of all sizes and industries for what’s next in the digital world. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Masergy solution portfolio, and what’s next for the world-leading brand.

The Evolution of Masergy: Solutions for Business Transformation

Introducing Masergy: Leading Secure Networking

For years, Masergy has stood out as an innovator in the networking landscape, specializing in state-of-the-art solutions for SD-WAN, unified communications, cloud contact centers, and managed security.

The company promises unbeatable solutions across every IT domain. Companies can work with Masergy to unlock the highest-quality connectivity in the landscape, with both regional and global reach. Plus, the company offers a comprehensive portfolio of tools, including solutions powered by artificial intelligence, and automation.

Acquired by Comcast Business in 2021, Masergy has continued to update and enhance its service offering over the years, with a unique set of values. The company delivers technologies tailored to the needs of each company, and users can choose from a range of self-serve, co-managed, and managed solutions for every need. Masergy also supports a variety of sales channels, providing access to trusted advisors that understand the distinctive needs of each brand.

While Masergy brings a human touch to its service offering, it’s also constantly looking for ways to evolve and enhance its services. A strong focus on innovation and evolution has led to the creation of AI-powered analytics for intelligent insights, predictions, and automation.

Masergy can also deliver next-generation architectures, facilitating hyper agility, converged platforms, and SASE solutions. The company even shares roadmaps for its future online.

Masergy’s stand-out approach to networking has earned it a number of industry accolades, such as the 2022 Visionary Spotlight Award for Channelvision, and the TMCNet Remote work pioneer award.

The Masergy Solution Portfolio

The Masergy Solution portfolio combines the features of Comcast Business’ high quality network, with an innovative, solutions-oriented approach to business transformation. The organization offers solutions for specific business needs, such as hybrid work implementation, security management and network automation. Plus, it offers specialist solutions for specific industries.

Companies in the professional services, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial landscape can all work with Masergy to improve team performance, boost productivity, and enhance compliance.
The core components of Masergy’s solution portfolio include:


Serving large enterprises and single-location businesses alike, Masergy offers companies hyper flexible networking services. Companies can choose the network they want from a range of different options, such as Masergy-provisioned internet, DIA/broadband, and LTE/5G. Next, they can connect their apps and cloud services, and leverage built-in security to protect deployments.

What’s more, Masergy’s approach to SD-WAN and SASE technologies allows companies to manage their network from a single portal, with both co-managed and fully managed service solutions.

The Masergy SD-WAN secure solutions leverage Masergy’s partnership with Fortinet to take security and compliance to the next level. Options include:

• SASE: Masergy’s SD-WAN meets with the key tenants of the Gartner SASE model, with tiered security options, next-gen firewalls, and 24/7 SOC services.
• Secure Network Edge: A low-touch and streamlined solution for smaller customers looking to secure applications in the cloud, this service includes application availability and analytics tools, failover, and AI-enhanced network intelligence.
• Fully managed services: Companies can outsource their SD-Wan requirements to Masergy’s NOCs as well as SOCs on 3 continents. You’ll gain access sot a team of expert engineers, ready to help you master your networks.
• Co-managed solutions: Masergy gives businesses the option to retain 100% control over specific aspects of their SD-WAN service. With co-managed solutions, companies can customize configurations and policies using a streamlined client portal.
• Over the top: SD-WAN OTT solutions use an internet-only approach to secure data transport, allowing mid-sized businesses to leverage a low-coast broadband backbone for their networking infrastructure.

Managed Security Solutions

As threats continue to evolve in the digital landscape, Masergy offers companies a unique opportunity to mitigate and minimize risks. With Managed Security Services from Masergy, companies gain access to a comprehensive managed detection and response team on a global scale.

Masergy works alongside existing technology investments to take the pressure off your staff and ecosystem. Plus, there are solutions to support the entire IT environment. Masergy offers:

• Network security: Network traffic analytics and IDS, visibility tools, secure web gateways, next-generation firewalls, and SOC services.
• Cloud security: Office 365 security monitoring, cloud access security broker technology, integrations with third-party tools, and SOC services.
• Endpoint security: Protection against phishing malware, and ransomware with AI-driven hunting, fileless attack preventions and SOC services.

Masergy’s Advanced solution or Security Analytics can also ingest alerts from third-party tools, allowing companies to consolidate all of their security feeds into a single analytics engine, for a unified view of threats, and complete security awareness.

Unified Communication and Collaboration

Masergy is a global collaboration expert, working alongside top vendors in the SIP trunking and communication space, as well as Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex.

The company can provide global communications solutions, delivered as a total service and tailor-made to the challenges your business might face. The UCaaS service offered by Masergy combines simplicity and visibility, with exceptional performance, designed to drive your business into the future and the next age of digital transformation.

Masergy’s purpose-built solutions combine communication tools from Cisco and Microsoft, with global availability. Masergy even has direct PTSN relationships with 29 countries. The organization offers 100% packet delivery, SIP trunking for hybrid deployment, and 24/7 monitoring tools.

Plus, companies can work with Masergy to combine their UCaaS solutions with state-of-the-art IP phones from leading vendors, as well as SD-WAN and SASE services.

Contact Center

Not only does Masergy support companies with enhanced tools for internal communications, but the brand also offers an excellent selection of features to boost customer experience. Masergy Cloud Contact Center solutions deliver quality and innovation with best-of-breed technologies which embed directly into its global, software-defined network.

The platforms come complete with workforce management tools, AI-powered virtual agents, and predictive call routing, to help businesses re-invent their customer experience strategy. The full CCaaS experience is built on Webex technology, for excellent functionality and reliability.

It supports omnichannel and predictive routing solutions, as well as real-time and historical data analytics for business insights. Plus, Masergy’s AI solutions for the contact center support machine detection, accurate speech recognition, talent forecasting and more.

The Latest Updates to the Masergy Ecosystem

For some time now, Masergy has been investing in new ways to empower and support the workplace of tomorrow, with leading networking and communication tools. The company doesn’t just invest in software innovation, it also works with hardware partners, and leading companies across the globe, to drive powerful results for business leaders.

In 2022, Masergy updated its SD-WAN and SASE offerings, joining forces with Gartner-leading business Fortinet, and Ingram Micro. In the same year, the company was named a Visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Network services for the sixth year in a row.

In recent years, Masergy hasn’t just improved its networking technology, it has also begun to invest in more intuitive tools for AI and automation, looking for new ways to boost productivity and security in all business environments. The company now even offers comprehensive network automation services, allowing companies to rapidly improve network agility and IT productivity with minimal upfront investment or complexity.

Masergy also offers the “Masergy AIOps” service, the industry’s first AI-based network intelligence service. This solution automatically evaluates network configurations and bandwidth usage in applications, helping to predict outages and improve application performance.

What’s more, the brand has also taken a pioneering approach to assisting companies in the transition to the age of hybrid work. Masergy can offer security solutions for networks, cloud environments, and remote users alike, ensuring hybrid and remote workers can access uninterrupted digital services.

What’s Next for Masergy?

As the worlds of work and connectivity continue to evolve, Masergy remains a visionary in the digital space. This incredible company works on a massive scale to provide business leaders with the resources they need to increase workplace efficiency and productivity, and lower company costs.

With constant investments in research and development, and a new focus on hybrid work, artificial intelligence, and automation, Masergy is sure to continue delighting business leaders and their customers in the years ahead.

If you think Masergy might be the right network services provider for your company, you can examine your options in closer detail using the UC Advisor Comparison Matrix.

Alternatively, if you need help investing in a new networking architecture for your business, reach out to UC Advisor today to learn about our simple and effective transformation fund.

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