Exploring the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS 2021

Exploring the Gartner Magic Quadrant for CCaaS 2021

Every year, leading analysts Gartner release one of the most highly anticipated reports available: the Magic Quadrant. The Magic Quadrant reports issued by Gartner cover a range of topics and industries, highlighting some of the world’s most compelling vendors for things like data analytics, UCaaS, AI and video conferencing.

The CCaaS Magic Quadrant covers the Contact Centre as a Service industry. Gartner defines “CCaaS” as any application in the SaaS environment designed to help customer service teams manage customer interactions. Gartner, this year, has identified the core capability of a true CCaaS solution, is the ability to unify interactions across channels in a single environment. A full CCaaS solution in the eyes of Gartner today is one delivering channel-agnostic customer service, including access to self-service solutions.

The Magic Quadrant for CCaaS also identified a further three capabilities CCaaS solutions could offer. These optional capabilities included process orchestration, customer insights and operational knowledge, and resource management and employee engagement.

The CCaaS Niche Players

Gartner’s CCaaS Magic Quadrant, like all of the “MQ” reports, separates applicants into four categories. The further to the top right of the grid the company, the more impressive they’re considered to be. The top right of the quadrant is reserved for the Leaders, and Challengers follow behind. The niche players in the magic quadrant show unique offerings, while the visionaries have incredible vision, but perhaps not the best ability to execute on that vision.

This year’s “niche” players for CCaaS are:

1. Worldline

Offering the WL Contact platform, Worldline delivers CCaaS through direct sales, rather than following a partnership model. The company has a strong presence in Europe, and offers a unique niche offering, including high-quality payment solutions thanks to the company’s existing payments, digital banking, and ecommerce heritage. The Worldline company has a strong presence across its existing customer base, but still has room to grow.

2. Lifesize

A recent addition to the CCaaS environment, Lifesize moved into the industry after a strategic acquisition of Serenova offered access to new contact center features. The Gartner report notes that Lifesize shows a strong commitment to the four pillars of excellent customer experience. The CxEngage CCaaS offering offers both collaboration and video channels integrated into the contact centre offering, to allow for stronger back-end and front-end connections. Lifesize also has some handy investments in workforce management and a broad network of partners to help it thrive.

3. Evolve IP

Evolve IP first launched it’s CCaaS solution in 2008, and quickly developed a presence throughout Europe and North America. This solution can integrate easily with the Evolve IP UCaaS solution, allowing for a more combined communication stack. The OneCloud services platform delivers the contact centre offering, with access to features like Microsoft Teams integration and Cisco UC environments.

The CCaaS Visionaries

Visionaries in the Gartner Magic Quadrant have a strong omnichannel approach to customer service and support. These companies often set themselves apart with unique functionality and differentiated offerings, but they don’t have the same reach as market leaders and challenges.

This year’s “visionaries” are:

1. Odigo

A former subsidiary of the Capgemini company, Odigo was officially established 20 years ago. The CCaaS platform offered by this company is available to a variety of markets today through a direct selling approach, as well as through a partnership with Capgemini. The continued relationship with its former owner is considered to be a strength for Odigo, according to Gartner. The Magic Quadrant described Odigo as having a strong vision thanks to investment in automation and natural language capabilities.

2. Amazon Web Services

One of the largest names in technology, Amazon Web Services offers a contact centre solution in the form of the Amazon Connect service. This CCaaS solution benefits from Amazon’s extensive and reliable infrastructure, as well as access to a host of complementary features and product options. The Amazon Connect solution is available through direct purchase, or through channel partners like Salesforce, the leading CRM provider. Initially developed for Amazon’s own contact center, the Connect solution is popular among companies seeking global availability. With AWS, companies also have access to a wide range of AI enhancements.

The CCaaS Challengers

Challengers in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant by Gartner are the companies quickly making progress towards the Leadership position. Though these companies may not rival leaders in terms of adoption or awareness, they can achieve large install bases, and deliver excellent technology. Challengers are more likely to focus on specific customer segments and verticals.

This year’s CCaaS “challengers” are:

1. Five9

Defined as a Challenger by Gartner for its immersive and intelligent CCaaS platform, Five9 is particularly strong in the Americas, where it serves all kinds of US multinational companies. The brand continues to expand across Latin America and Europe. Recently, the company has entered an agreement to be purchased by Zoom, although this has not been considered in the Gartner Magic Quadrant rating. Five9’s CCaaS solution is excellent at offering AI enhancements, process orchestration tools, and access to competitive pricing.

2. Content Guru

Content Guru has remained in the Gartner CCaaS Magic Quadrant for another year, after also appearing in 2020. This UK-based company offers contact centre technology in the form of the storm CONTACT CCaaS solution. The service is available through both direct and indirect channels. After being founded in the UK, Content Guru has developed a strong presence throughout Europe, and Gartner believes that it can be an excellent choice for companies with complex requirements. There’s a built-in service management functionality, and CRM solution in Content Guru’s CCaaS stack.

3. 8×8

8×8 has also held its position in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for another year. The CCaaS solution offered here is the 8×8 Experience Communications platform, which combines CPaaS, UCaaS, and CCaaS functionality into an all-in-one solution. Gartner commends 8×8 for it’s strong global footprint and visionary approach to connecting different cloud environments. The reach that 8×8 has as a UCaaS provider also means it can address contact center needs in various environments. The company recently invested in new partnerships with companies for workforce engagement, virtual assistant technology, and knowledge management.

4. Vonage

Vonage delivers Contact Centre technology as part of a comprehensive programmable communication platform. This unique approach to CCaaS also allows companies to access CPaaS and UCaaS functionality in the same flexible environment. The Contact Center technology is usually sold directly, with some referrals from channel partners like Salesforce. Vonage offers a fantastic user interface according to Gartner and is capable of supporting various digital channels for customer service at once. The solution is also enhanced via the acquisition of NewVoiceMedia in 2018.

The CCaaS Leaders

Finally, we come to the most sought-after position on the Magic Quadrant list, the Leader segment. Leaders in the Magic Quadrant support the four pillars of customer service defined by Gartner and are capable of delivering all kinds of cross-channel solutions to multinational companies. These companies also have strong brand recognition, coming from extra-large install bases and strong market growth.

1. Nice CXOne

Previously known as NICE inContact, Nice CXOne is a state-of-the-art CCaaS platform offered both through partners and direct sales. The solution, available in more than 60 countries, is a leader in the Magic Quadrant thanks to it’s fantastic flexibility, and it’s access to leading features like Enlighten AI for tracking and understanding customer conversations. The Gartner team commended the Nice CXOne CCaaS solution for it’s self-learning customer interaction model, and it’s strategic acquisition of various crucial partners over the years.

2. Genesys

The Genesys Cloud CX platform for CCaaS is one of the better-known solutions in the modern market. Gartner noted that this CCaaS solution shows strong commitment to the pillars of great customer service. The Genesys Cloud CX can serve companies around the globe with a convenient and easy-to-use omnichannel environment. According to Gartner, this solution delivers excellent customised service experiences for customers, and offers helpful insights in the form of AI technology and extensive reporting features.

3. Talkdesk

Another market leader in the CCaaS Magic Quadrant for multiple years in a row, Talkdesk has been described by Gartner as a company with “excellent vision” for conversations enhanced by data with both employees and customers alike. The vendor has been commended for its execution of sales, and it’s multinational service proposition, which appeals to companies all across Europe and North America. The Talkdesk CCaaS solution benefits from exceptional ease of use for employees, as well as a host of disruptive features, including AI analytics and virtual assistant tools.

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