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RingCentral's Customer Experience platform combines omni channel, skill based routing, advanced IVR, sentiment analysis and much more onto a single platform. Built on the back of the award winning and industry leading ‘Nice InContact’ and combining it with their best in class UC offering it provides organisations with a best of both worlds solution.

RingCentral helps more than 350,000 companies around the globe empower their employees to stay better connected to not just their customers but their partners and colleagues too. It allows for individuals to work in a way that’s conducive to their productivity. 


    RingCentral Contact Centre is a feature-rich platform that offers many fantastic benefits. You can see a whole list of these highlights below, which should serve to demonstrate why RingCentral are one of the top players in the industry. Such highlights include global coverage, flexible contracting, and a huge app and integration library.

    Over 20 years in
    the UCaaS Space

    Built on Nice
    InContact Architecture

    Full UK & EU
    Data Residency

    99.999 Global
    Contracted SLA

    Fully Open APIs
    for Integrations & Developers

    Huge App &
    Integration Library

    Best of Class CCaaS
    with best UCaaS

    Full Global Coverage
    in 46 Countries

    Outstanding Breadth
    & Depth of Offering

    24/7 Full Global
    Support & Assistance

    Popular Integrations

    RingCentral Contact Centre supports many popular integrations, from Shopify to Contactually and Help Scout. With RingCentral, your business can continue to utilise the programmes and services they’ve grown familiar with. With full compatibility, RingCentral works seamlessly with the applications listed below.

    Advanced Features

    Before making a final decision on which platform you switch to, you must look through all of the advanced features and modules it offers. The majority of RingCentral’s advanced features are provided via a third party or are sold separately. They do, however, have an in-house omni-channel offering. Take a look at the full list of features in the table below.

    3rd Party
    Sold Separately
    WorkForce Management
    WorkForce Optimisation
    Quality Monitoring
    Omni Channel
    WorkForce Management
    WorkForce Optimisation
    Quality Monitoring
    Omni Channel
    3rd Party
    Sold Separately

    Key Videos

    Below are some of RingCentral key videos, giving you a helpful overview of the platforms features and capabilities. Please click on the expandable sections below to find out more.

    Unified Communications
    RingCentral Office Tour
    Video Meetings
    RingCentral QoS Analytics
    ZoHo CRM for RingCentral
    Contact Centre
    Modern Cloud-Based Customer Engagement Platform | RingCentral Customer Engagement
    RingCentral Engage Messaging
    Digital Customer Engagement | RingCentral Engage Digital
    Blended Outbound Cloud Contact Center | RingCentral Engage Voice
    Testimonials & Case Studies
    RingCentral: A One-Stop Shop for Waitrose & Partners
    Custom Tees & Joy: How 24 Hour Tees Uses Automation to Better Serve Customers
    Insureon AI use case with RingCentral, Velvetech and XSELL
    Structural Group Transforms Team Collaboration with RingCentral Solutions

    Case Studies

    To get a better idea of what RingCentral can offer, it’s best to read about their past efforts. You’ll find a whole host of case studies linked right here. The selection changes regularly, so be sure to check back often if you’d like to stay up-to-speed on what’s going on. 

    Key Downloads

    See below for a list of relevant downloadable documents which provide added benefits. These documents are invaluable resources that will enable you to make the most of the RingCentral platform and everything it has to offer.

    Upcoming Events

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    Key Locations

    If you would like to locate the nearest RingCentral support centre relative to where you live, the interactive map featured above should make this a whole lot easier. Click on any of the pins that correspond to a primary DC or support centre location, and you’ll see the relevant contact details. 

    Primary DC Support Centre



















    Platform Accolades

    From ‘Best Call Management Platform of the Year 2020’ to ‘Unified Communications Product of the Year 2020’, RingCentral has won its fair share of accolades over the years. Continue reading if you’re interested in seeing some of the other accolades they’ve won.

    Best Hosted Telephony Platform of the year 2020
    Comms National Awards
    Best Call Management Platform of the year 2020
    Comms National Awards
    Best Unified Communication Platform of the year 2020
    UC Awards
    Unified Communications Product of the Year 2020
    Top 100 Mobile App of 2020
    Editors Choice Award for Business Communications
    PC MAG
    Cloud Contact Centre

    Independent Analyst Reports

    Gartner 2021 CCaaS

    Forrester Wave CCaaS 2019

    Frost Radar CCaaS 2020

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