Meta Shuts down Workspace: It’s Time to Migrate to Workvivo by Zoom

Meta Shuts down Workspace: It’s Time to Migrate to Workvivo by Zoom

After years of attempting to position itself as a strategic solution provider for enterprise communication and collaboration, Meta (previously Facebook) is changing tactics. In May 2024, Meta announced it will be discontinuing it’s “Workplace from Meta” solution.

This all-in-one platform, introduced by Meta in 2016, was originally intended to compete with the likes of Slack, and Microsoft Teams, giving companies a central environment for communication, collaboration, and employee engagement.

Unfortunately, while other platforms have thrived and evolved in recent years, introducing new productivity features, AI assistants, and innovations, Workplace has consistently lagged behind. Meta’s decision to sunset the product, and focus on other parts of its growth strategy, such as AI development and extended reality makes sense.

However, it’s also a choice that’s likely to cause significant disruption for many business owners and their teams. Fortunately, UC Advisor is here to help, here’s everything you need to know about the Workspace shut down, and how you can prepare for the change.

Why Meta is Discontinuing Workspace: What we Know so Far

Workspace from Meta was launched at a time when interest in collaboration and employee engagement software was only beginning to grow. Initially, Meta had big plans to become a major player in the enterprise software environment with the platform, and even used it as a launching point for new “workplace” environments built for the metaverse.

While Workspace initially attracted a lot of big customers, and even boasted 7 million paid subscribers in 2021, interest in the platform has waned. In the last couple of years, Meta has struggled to keep up with industry giants like Microsoft, Google, and Zoom, as they continue to build stronger platforms for unified communication and collaboration.

According to reports about Meta’s decision to discontinue the Workspace service, the company believes its attention is better focused on building metaverse and AI technologies – two areas where Meta has seen significant growth in the last couple of years.

Fortunately, Meta isn’t leaving the companies on its platform without an alternative. The company has appointed a single preferred alternative “Workvivo” by Zoom as its successor. Both Zoom and Meta will be working together to help migrate customers to Zoom’s ecosystem in the months ahead.

What is Workvivo? The Employee Experience Platform

Workvivo, launched in 2017 (just after Workspace from Meta) is a similar employee engagement platform, designed to simplify and streamline collaboration. It was acquired by Zoom in 2023, and now operates as a comprehensive part of the Zoom product portfolio, alongside Zoom Docs, Zoom Meetings, and a range of other intelligent products.

Workvivo is trusted by a host of leading companies around the world, including the Virgin Group, Amazon, and Bupa. It unifies employee communications, engagement, and analytics features into a single app, intended to empower teams in the age of hybrid work.

Some of the key features of Workvivo by Zoom include:

  • Communication tools: Workvivo includes a comprehensive selection of communication tools to synchronise staff across every channels. There’s an integrated activity feed (for employee updates), digital signage solutions, livestreaming and podcasting options, and chat features. Plus, users can create employee newsletters, and engage with contacts through Zoom’s complementary video conferencing and productivity tools.
  • Engagement: Like Workspace from Meta, Workvivo is designed to boost engagement and foster a sense of belonging among team members – crucial in today’s world of hybrid and remote work. It includes features like social feeds, hybrid event solutions, video clips, goals and values pages, and shout-outs to boost engagement. Users can also design comprehensive community spaces, similar to workplace forums.
  • Digital workplace: The digital workplace tools from Workvivo essentially give teams a range of cloud-based productivity tools to work with. You can create Pages (Wikis), to share online, design documents, access search functions, and integrate hundreds of apps into a single environment. There’s also an open API framework.
  • Analytics: To help further enhance engagement and retention, Workvivo is packed with tools that offer insights into crucial metrics. Companies can distribute surveys to collect feedback from team members, create metric dashboards, launch polls, and track software adoption rates. There are also analytical tools that examine how users interact with content.

As a component of the Zoom ecosystem, Workvivo is also constantly evolving. It can align with all of Zoom’s existing Workplace solutions, including the Zoom AI Companion, phone and meetings solutions, schedulers, workspace reservation tools, and calendars.

The Migration Process: What to Expect

Meta has announced that companies using their Workspace platform will have a couple of years to migrate away from the platform. You can continue to access the solution, and all of the features as normal until August 31st, 2025. Meta is going to be discounting the price of Workspace software by 50%, starting from September 2024.

From September 2025, until May 2026, Workspace will be available for free, but you’ll only be able to access it to read previous content, and download existing data. After that point, your access will be terminated, alongside all of the data stored on the platform.

Notably, after appointing Zoom and Workvivo as their preferred “alternative” solution for business leaders, Meta did announce that it’s going to be working with the other brand to help streamline migrations. Workvivo’s John Goulding said that it’s his team’s top priority to make the transition as frictionless as possible, with free implementation services to support businesses.

Meta and Workvivo will also be offering migration tools to help streamline the process of moving data into the new platform.

How to Manage the Transition: Our Top Tips

Despite Workvivo (Zoom), and Meta both promising that they’re going to help companies navigate this disruptive journey, transitioning into an entirely new collaboration platform won’t be easy for many companies. At UC Advisor, we’re committed to helping companies from all industries implement cost-effective, and intuitive digital transformation journeys.

Here are our top tips to help you manage the migration:

Download your data early

Make sure you download all of the data stored on your Workspace instance as soon as you can. You can use the “Download Your Information” tool in Workspace to do this, or export your data to another channel using the Workspace API. The quicker you download your data, the less likely you are to lose anything important.

Make sure you store any valuable data in a secure location if you’re not exporting it directly to another platform for employee engagement and collaboration. This could also be a good time to clean up your data and get rid of anything you don’t need.

Assess Alternative Options Carefully

Meta has only nominated a single “alternative” option for Workspace users, in the form of Workvivo by Zoom. While this platform definitely gives you a lot of the same features you’d get from Workspace, and features many benefits, it’s important to make sure you’re considering your options carefully. Assess your communication and collaboration needs, and compare the different tools you can use to boost productivity in the future.

Based on your internal assessments, and experiments, you might discover that you’d prefer to move directly to Zoom Workplace, Google Workspace, or even Microsoft Teams. Just keep in mind that you won’t get the same migration support from Meta if you choose an alternative to Workvivo.

Work with an Experienced Digital Transformation Partner

Transitioning to a new environment for collaboration and employee engagement can be a complicated process. Regardless of whether you choose to switch to the recommended “Workvivo” solution by Zoom, or you pick an alternative platform, accessing the right help is crucial.

A leading technology partner like UC Advisor can help you to analyse your technology needs, and outline a comprehensive migration plan. We can also assist you with finding complementary technology you might want to add to your ecosystem, and even help you access digital transformation funding, to address costs associated with implementing a new ecosystem (training, configuration, etc).

Get Ready for the Workspace Revolution

Meta’s decision to shut down Workspace may not come as a surprise to every business, but it’s likely to cause disruption in the months ahead, so if you’re moving your team over to a new platform or set of tools, please make sure you have the right support and guidance.

Contact the team at UC Advisor for insights on how we can help you manage the migration to Workvivo by Zoom.

Also, reach out to us for information on our free grant funding options for any other digital transformation projects you may have in your pipeline.

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