Dialpad Pitstop: Your Complete Guide to Dialpad

Dialpad Pitstop: Your Complete Guide to Dialpad

Well-known around the world for offering highly intelligent UCaaS and CCaaS functionality, Dialpad is a market-leading communications provider.

The company first launched in 2011, within the United States. The company was built by Craig Walker, a founder who remains with the company to this day, as the acting CEO. Brian Peterson, CTO, and John Rector were Walker’s partners in building the brand.

Today, Dialpad has been mentioned multiple times in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS. The company is also making waves as an industry innovator. Back in October 2020, a time when many companies were struggling to achieve growth, Dialpad was raising over $100 million in Series E funding. This money is now supporting Dialpad’s intelligence strategy, which aims to bring real-time native transcription, voice analytics, note taking and sentiment into conversations.

Let’s explore the ins and outs of Dialpad.

The History of Dialpad

Still a relatively young company in the communications space compared to some of its’ veteran competitors, Dialpad was launched ten years ago (at the time of writing), in 2011. Backed with $3 million in funding from Google Ventures, Dialpad aimed to be a communications game-changer, bringing a can-do attitude of evolution into the industry.

The Dialpad team is built on foundations of high-octane passion, intelligent engineering, and a constant commitment to growth. Though only around a decade old, the company has already won several awards and accolades. Dialpad is a Visionary according to the UCaaS Magic Quadrant, and its unlocked dozens of other commendations lately too.

Dialpad’s current portfolio of products aims to align the areas of CCaaS and UCaaS into a fully immersive communication environment. Companies can build a comprehensive communication suite with Dialpad technology, featuring everything from telephony to SMS and MMS functionality.

Key facts:

  • Launch date: 2011
  • CEO: Craig Walker
  • Trading name: N/A
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Website: www.dialpad.com
  • Employees: 600+
  • Revenue: Over $100 million

Major Moments in the Dialpad Timeline

Dialpad is a major innovator in the communication and collaboration environment. Throughout the years, the company has consistently focused on building new functionality and tools into its portfolio for customers. Throughout 2020 and 2021, Dialpad has experienced a particularly impressive period of growth. The team has been growing significantly, particularly in regions like New Zealand, and Canada. Dialpad even received another $100 million in funding in May 2021.

As part of its record-breaking growth in 2021, Dialpad began offering 100% uptime SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and launched a new partner portal for channel resellers keen to take advantage of UCaaS and CCaaS technology. In October 2020, Dialpad was deemed a “technology unicorn”, with a fantastic $1.2 billion valuation.

During 2020, Dialpad also purchased the communication company HighFive, for an undisclosed amount, bringing new technology for video conferencing into its operations. The brand also revealed a new Dialpad for Startups section dedicated to helping technology innovators grow.

During the early years, Dialpad increased its value rapidly, going from $3 million in Google Ventures funding, to a further 15 million in GV funding in 2012. By 2015, Dialpad had raised yet another $35 million in funding as part of a Series C funding round, and in 2017, another funding round introduced a further $17 million in capital

During 2018, Dialpad purchased TalkIQ, which marked the start of the company’s ongoing investment into artificial intelligence technology.

Dialpad currently has 11 offices around the world, more than 600 employees, and 70,000 customers across the globe.

Dialpad UCaaS Offerings

Dialpad offers a full suite of communication solutions, spread across four segments: calling, conferencing, sales, and contact center. The crux of the UCaaS offering is Dialpad Talk, an innovative communication system built in the cloud. Dialpad Talk promises quick and simple deployment for businesses of all sizes, making it easier to add, and swap numbers, provision new users, and create ring groups in a convenient web portal.

The scalable cloud environment of Dialpad also means that businesses in the new age of hybrid work can empower their employees to operate from a single environment, with no restrictions on which devices they can use. With AI-powered voice intelligence, you can even unlock deeper insights into what customers are thinking.

The simple desktop interface for Dialpad talk comes with customizable components to help enhance work performance and ensure productivity. There’s also a ton of extra features for collaboration too, as part of the conferencing environment.

Features include:

  • Reliable VoIP with 100% uptime
  • Crystal-clear clouds via a cloud architecture
  • Dialpad internet protocol technology for sensational flexibility
  • Easy to manage interface with a single web space
  • Sync contacts and update permissions in seconds
  • Integrations to various tools like Salesforce and G-Suite
  • Contact syncing and user updates
  • Voice intelligence for AI insights into calls
  • Hardware agnostic performance to suit any team
  • Hassle-free conferencing within the same UCaaS environment
  • Collaborate from anywhere
  • Automatic note taking and real-time actions
  • One-click video and audio meetings
  • Integrations with calendaring tools
  • One-on-one or all-hands presentations
  • Comprehensive admin controls
  • Dynamic video conferencing view options
  • Real-time recommendations within conversations from AI insights
  • Sentiment analysis for customers and employees
  • Smart routing to ensure calls always reach the right environment
  • Presence and status features
  • Voicemail and virtual fax
  • Business text messaging with SMS and MMS
  • Conference phone connectivity

Dialpad Talk works effectively across a range of devices, with several affordable packages to suit companies no matter their size or budgetary concerns. Compared to other leading UCaaS solutions, Dialpad promises an easy way to keep companies running at break-neck speed, with access to endless scalability, so your business can adapt to your audience.

Video conferencing is available alongside your UCaaS experience, along with various other collaboration tools to improve the way teams work. You can set presence and status indicators to determine when employees are available for conversations. There’s also business text messaging and conference phones with shared spaces.

Chrome Extension functionality even places Dialpad calling directly in the web browser for users who want to access their UCaaS offerings as quickly and conveniently as possible. You can make calls in seconds this way, with fewer headaches.

Dialpad CCaaS Offering

Dialpad Contact Centre is available either as a standalone offering or as a solution you can connect with your existing UCaaS and conferencing tools. The Dialpad Cloud Contact Centre uses all kinds of innovations to improve customer experience, including CRM integrations, analytics, and artificial intelligence coaching capabilities.

With Dialpad CCaaS, companies can create omnichannel interactive environments to connect with customers wherever they are. You can track previous interactions to reduce repetitive questions and access both inbound and outbound call and conversational tools. Outbound sales teams can follow up with customers using CRM integrations to focus on personalized experiences. Inbound customer support teams have access to AI tools to help them deliver faster solutions to problems.

Like Dialpad’s UCaaS offering, the CCaaS system is built in the cloud, making it easy to set up and deploy in minutes with native cloud-based administration. There’s no need for any special hardware, you can simply download the app and begin taking calls immediately.

Features include:

  • AI-powered voice intelligence to deliver recommendations in real-time
  • Call center analytics with real-time dashboards
  • AI-enhanced contact center analytics and reporting
  • Recording for compliant conversation storage
  • A full IVR system with various routing options for agents
  • Quality management insights and feedback
  • Integrations with all your existing CRM and work management tools
  • Computer Telephony Integration with screen pops
  • Omnichannel interactions with contextual alignment
  • Screen capture for recording video meetings and chats
  • Customer Satisfaction surveys and voice intelligence
  • Call history and transcribing
  • Desk phone and soft phone support for BYOD
  • Calling and routing with automatic call distributor
  • Local presence with outbound sales strategy
  • On-premises gateway solutions
  • Call summary with conference meeting
  • Business phone application
  • International office management
  • Call transfer and hold
  • Executive assistant for call delegation
  • Local phone numbers
  • Comprehensive company directory
  • Do not disturb
  • Call Park and Call Waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Dial by name directory
  • Spam call blocking
  • Three-way call
  • Call routing and call flip

On top of all the features you might typically expect from a leading CCaaS solution, Dialpad’s contact center offering goes above and beyond with intelligent features. There’s a virtual receptionist that can help to streamline the customer experience on your behalf and sort incoming calls according to your routing requirements. You’ll also have access to things like sentimental analysis and real-time reporting for every conversation.

In-depth analytics and call recording ensure that companies can make better decisions about training and supporting their team members while driving more effective discussions between customers and staff. Dialpad also has its executive assistant call delegation feature, which means that if you’re in a meeting, the assistant will send a call to another team member while you’re busy.

Dialpad Differentiators

Dialpad stands out as a market-leading communications company for businesses interested in ongoing innovation and transformation. The company is constantly committed to investing in new, cutting-edge technology, specifically in the AI and machine learning environment. Since the TalkIQ acquisition of 2018, Dialpad’s investment in AI has only increased.

Today’s companies can tap into a huge range of AI-enhanced features within the UCaaS and CCaaS environment or unlock intelligent insights for things like sales calls and conferencing. Some of the most significant factors setting Dialpad apart include:

Artificial Intelligence

Dialpad is one of the market leaders in AI investment for communication technology. The solution comes with access to things like real-time speech analytics, so businesses can track everything from call quality to customer sentiment in real-time. You can even set up an assistant to provide your agents with guidance and tips on how to manage a call.

User Experience

Dialpad makes UCaaS and CCaaS incredibly easy to access with a cloud-based environment that adapts to the needs of users. You can use a wide range of hardware with your technology, and there’s even a Google Chrome plugin, so you can make calls directly from your browser. Smartphone accessibility and desktop interfaces are all designed to get UCaaS and contact center systems up and running as quickly as possible.


Dialpad ensures that today’s companies can access the functionality they need for their communications system fast. There’s a quick and convenient environment for provisioning things like number and features to employees wherever they are, making Dialpad a fantastic choice for companies that need to get hybrid teams up and running fast.


Dialpad is often seen as a pioneer in the communication industry for many reasons. One factor that helps the company to stand out is a unique 100% SLA agreement. The company promises to keep

your conversations up and running at all times – that’s something that few similar companies in the industry can compete with.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are built into every element of the Dialpad ecosystem, ensuring that companies can have peace of mind when handling all kinds of conversations. You also get the extra benefit of automatic data backup, so any information you collect within your business remains available and ready to access when you need it most.

Digital transformation

Aside from things like AI insights and voice intelligence, Dialpad also enables digital transformation in a range of other ways. Automation allows users to immediately log call summaries in HubSpot and Salesforce or set up automated call notes with action items and key takeaways. There’s also a live coach function that can provide real-time sales recommendations and coaching to employees as they work.

How Is Dialpad Placed?

Dialpad has earned countless accolades and recommendations from leading analysts in recent years. The company was named in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for UCaaS in both 2019 and 2020. Known as a “visionary,” Dialpad places in the MQ for its continued innovation with analytics, AI capabilities, and customer experience.

In 2021, Dialpad has already earned the title of G2’s Most implementable company, Momentum leader in UCaaS, VoIP leader for outbound call tracking, leader in the enterprise for outbound call tracking, and leader in the mid-market for outbound call tracking.

Trust Radius named Dialpad the number one top-rated call recording software, and the Voice Technology publication gave the brand the 2021 customer voice technology award. Forbes also listed Dialpad among the top startup employers for 2021, and with TrustRadius, the company earned the titles of “best feature set” and “best usability in 2021.

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